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Servo copyServo Drive for Servo motors: DC brush, DC brushless, Stepper motors. Feedback from an optical encoder or Hall effect sensors or analog feedback 0-10 V. Supplied with 6 digital inputs, 5 digital open collector outputs 0.5 A, 2 analog inputs, high speed inputs STEP, DIRECTION - 2 MHz; RS485 + ModBus RTU; supply 200 V DC, operating supply 24 V DC.

PRICE:156.00 EUR, VAT incl.

Servo 1 copy

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Optically isolated adapter for connecting standard RS232C communication port to RS485 bus interface. Designed to build 2 (two-wire) half-duplex point-to-point or multi-drop communications network distances up to 1200m and 115,2 Kbps.

The galvanic opto isolation helps to resist electromagnetic noise in the network, and to protect the equipment from the peak current pulses inherent in industrial applications.

Opto-isolated adapter is bidirectional, fast asynchronous RS232 - RS485 interface converter for 2 (two) wire half-duplex applications. It has built-in automatic selection of transmission - reception, which allows operation at speeds 115,2 Kbps.

Supplied with LED indication for automatic determination of the direction of data and diagnostics for incorrect polarized 2 (two) wire interface.

The galvanic optoisolation between RS232 and RS485 helps to avoid many problems very common in industrial and real applications.

PRICE: 39.89 EURO  VAT incl.

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