About us

Our Mission

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ADVANCIUM is a private company established as a company of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas: Ultrasonic technology and equipment, microelectronics, power electronics, induction heating and hardening, high-technology materials processing, high frequency equipment, mechatronics, in order to create innovative and effective solutions.


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ADVANCIUM designs, develops and manufactures standard and unique electronic and microelectronic devices by customer. We offer the most advanced controllers, sensors and a range of other sensor and control products and actuators.

ADVANCIUM offers products, R & D and consulting services in the field of power electronics, industrial automation and ultrasonic equipment, and high-quality range of products for ultrasonic cleaning and sonohimiya, development of special equipment for new applications, induction generators for welding and tempering.


Our Company

  • ADVANCIUM is a manufacturer of power electronics - induction heating machines, high frequency machines for various materials, electronic equipment: rectifiers, HF inverter technology for induction heating of metals, dielectric heating technology, exciters for synchronous motors with timer and remote control cosφ, high current rectifiers for electrolysis, contact welding (spot welding) and others.

    Ultrasonic Technologies.

    We offer standard and custom-built ultrasonic systems for a wide range of applications including sonochemistry, liquid handling (mixing and homogenization) sterilization, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic industrial lines for cleaning, degreasing and passivation, high-intensity atomizer (cold flow and sources of steam ), metal atomizer, surface hardening, impregnation and coating, material aging and stress relieving, ultrasonic pressing of plastic and metal casting (vacuum casting, homogenizing, degassing), ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic drilling, ultrasonic bonding, welding and many other new and unusual processes.

    Laser Technologies.
  • ADVANCIUM offers a new range of fiber-optic laser device for cutting, welding, hardening, scanning and other special applications.

  • SERVO Drives.
    ADVANCIUM offers new line of SERVO DRIVES for servo motors: DC Brusshed, DC Brushless, Step Motors. Feedback from optical encoder or Hall sensors or analog feedback 0-10V. The Servo Drive is supplied with 6 Digital Inputs, 5 Digital Outputs open collector 0.5A, 2 Analog Inputs; High speed Inputs for STEP DIR - 2MHz; RS485 + ModBus RTU; Max Power Supply 200V DC; Operational Power Supply 24V DC.